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Techderm Academy
Training based on common availability

Modern educational center in Moscow where students can get updated knowledge and improve their qualifications in cosmetology. Specially for our colleagues and those who decided to master a new field, we regularly launch online courses, give seminars and workshops, read courses and visit exhibitions.
First of all, the courses are intended for professionals: practicing doctors and cosmetologists
  • Cosmetologists
  • Dermatovenerologists
  • Plastic surgeons
  • Urologists and gynecologists
The course program is rather extensive and includes lectures in primary fields of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine.
  • Advanced technologies and innovative developments
    Our programs are developed based on practical experience of experts and supported by developments of our partners from South Korea, China, and Italy
  • Injection cosmetology
    During courses, you can get an insight of the products from global scientific laboratories in the field of injection cosmetology: thread lifting, contour correction, botulinum toxin therapy

Techderm Academy is a modern educational center that includes online and offline learning methods.
  • Classroom courses
    include a workshop on a certain subject, with a certificate given upon completion
  • Online courses
    For those who want to improve in their own field, who value time and can’t visit our full-time classes, we have collected a video library. It contains online workshops and records of webinars in contour correction and thread lifting.
    Lessons are 10 minutes to 4 hours long, starting from 190 RUB per lesson, which allows you to view all our training courses at any convenient time.
Today, the market of medical education provides various cosmetology courses. It is quite hard to choose the best of them, which would perfectly suit your purposes of development and professional growth.

In Techderm, we know that as nobody else. This is why, along with selling high-quality modern beauty products, we strive to give profound knowledge in cosmetology and aesthetics.
Seeking models for cosmetological procedures
Taking part in Russian and international events
Recording online broadcasts, webinars, and seminars
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FOR models

All our training events are held by highly qualified experienced doctors who are famous in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine.