Rejuventating all-season FRESH peeling system provides efficient skin rejuvenation, normalizes sebum generation, removes black dots, smooths and brightens skin. Pronounced lifting effect.

Why is fRESH unique?
Minimal consumption
Only 1-2 mL is enough per single procedure

Can be combined with injection techniques
Perfect combination with any injection drugs and methods
Suitable for any type of skin
Suitable even for sensitive skin
No rehabilitation period
fRESH peeling formula requires no neutralization
fRESH creme is applied over damaged skin after drug treatment (peeling, laser). After healing, it is recommended to be used as a night creme for a brighter and smoother skin.
Creme contains sun-protection filters SPF30.

The peeling formula combines soft acids and stimulating ingredients to ensure directional stimulation and bio-revitalization thanks to the fRESH antiage complex.

fRESH RESONATOR provides better penetration of peeling and creme using vibration massage improving skin permeability. The peeling effect is adjusted using fRESH resonator.
For a better effect, use the entire complex of the fRESH peeling system.