Fillers for aesthetic urogynecology
*approved by the association of aesthetic gynecologists
Roszdravnadzor Certificate No. 2021/14300

The major priority of any field in beauty sphere (including plastic cosmetology) is keeping and strengthening the human psychological health. Health of the intimate zone and its aesthetic appearance are more important for self-perception of men and women that it is believed. They improve self-conception and self-confidence, enhance the quality of intimate life, and give more vivid emotions. All together they make people happier and, therefore, successful in all spheres of life.
Using fillers in the intimate plastic surgeries for men and women makes this procedure as safe and efficient as possible.
Criteria for selecting Sofiderm fillers for injection plastic surgeries of intimate zones


Fillers are registered in Russia.

Roszdravnadzor Certificate

No. 2021/14300

The instructions state: “for dermal or submucosal use”
Ensured by high purity and strict quality control system. Reduced risk of inflammations and allergic reactions.
No swelling
Osmotic parameters of the implant are aligned with physiological parameters of tissues (osmotic concentration of 270-350, Osm/kg)
High-precision correction
Biphase fillers are flexible and have lower cohesion. Even in 5-7 days, the practitioner can correct the shape since it has no pronounced swelling.

Persistent effect

Long-term effect.

Applications of Sofiderm fillers
1 ml / 2 ml
  • Vagina
  • Vulval vestibule
  • External urethral opening
  • Scaphoid fossa
  • For thin skin of labia majora
  • For vagina moisturizing
Sofiderm DERM
1 ml / 2 ml
  • Labia minora
  • Vagina reinforcement
  • Labia majora
  • Suburethrally
  • External part of urethra
Sofiderm DEEP
1 ml / 2 ml
  • Labia minora
  • Hymenal ring zone
  • G point
  • Suburethrally
  • Paraurethrally
  • Shallow subdermally
  • Medium wrinkles of labia majora
Sofiderm DERM PLUS
1 ml / 2 ml
10 ml / 20 ml
  • Labia majora augmentation
  • Treatment of stress urinary incontinence
  • G point
  • To the pubis zone to lift labia majora
According to a 24-week clinical randomized controlled trial by the Central Clinical Hospital of the Russian Academy of Science

up to
82,9 %
percentage of obvious improvement in implantation sites
up to 18 months
up to 24 months
after the next correction
Indications for injection plastic surgery
of intimate zone
  • Reduced skin tone of external genital structures

  • Lipodystrophy

  • Constitutional and menopausal xerosis phenomena

  • Labia asymmetry (inherited or acquired)

  • Aesthetic unsatisfaction

  • Reduced moisture content, no or reduced orgasticity

  • Deformation of vulva, vagina, perineum cover tissues: post-natal, post-traumatic, post-surgery.

  • Stress/mixed urinary incontinence

  • Hypoplasy/aplasia of vulva covering tissues leading to interlabial space gaping

  • White spot disease at remission stage

  • Genital urinary syndrome

  • Urethra hypermobility

  • Urethra hypospadia

  • Post-coital cystitis beyond acute phase
School of aesthetic gynecology
Snatch an opportunity to study all aspects of injection plastic surgery of the intimate zone using fillers and thread implantology – from anatomy and physiology to legal subtleties – in order to acquire illustrative and practical knowledge from our leading high-class experts